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Cyber Knife Question


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I was wondering if anyone has had this done? Someone asked me if my Mom could have this done because she has stage IIIB. She was told no more radiation she is at her limit so they are trying Iressa to see if that works if not more Chemo. She was in the hospital a few weeks ago for chest pains she thought she was having a heart attack but they said it was Pneumonia but her Oncologist said she didn't see that but she must have had some kind of infection because the antibotic was working. While there they did a CT scan and compared that one to one she had had the month before and it showed a slight increase in the tumor size so we are thinking the Iressa is not doing its job. :x Mom is feeling great she has never had the coughing or anything its almost don't see real that she has Lung Cancer because there are no symptoms really. Any help on the Cyber Knife would be so helpful. Hugs to you all and god bless!


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