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Stage 1A lung cancer

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Welcome, Mary Ann.  I’m sorry you are dealing with this, whether writing for yourself or someone else. I was diagnosed with stage IA2 invasive mucinous adenocarcinoma in May, 2020. It took longer to get it diagnosed because of COVID and the ban on “elective” surgeries.  I had a VATS lobectomy on the lower left lung and two weeks later had a repeat VATS to remove part of the upper left lung due to a hemothorax. No treatment other than surgery. My last CT scan showed some scarring and atelectasis (partial lung collapse) in the left lung which I’ve been told is normal post lobectomy. I also have a small nodule (4 mm) that has not grown over the past year. I’ve moved to annual scans! I live at 9000 feet and, after the initial recovery from the surgeries, can breathe just fine. Hiking higher than 10,000 feet is a challenge that I haven’t yet tried. But hell, that was hard even before I was diagnosed. Mentally, I still have niggling concerns about recurrence. I saw an oncological therapist for three months who was very helpful. 

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Hi Mary Ann,

Sorry you need to be here, but glad you found us. 

I was diagnosed with NSCL in March of 2019 at Stage 1a.  In May of that year I had a lower-right lobectomy and no adjuvant treatment.  Since that time I have had numerous scans and recently (August) I had my 4-year scans and continue to be NED (No Evidence of Disease).  I live my life fully, continue to work out six days a week and am grateful for each and every day I've lived.  I'm aware that this is a disease of high recurrence, but will continue to live as long as I'm able to.

One thing that helped me so much on this journey is the wonderful people I met since coming to Lungevity.  They are a great group of folks who share their "knowledge gained by experience" and are the best support I've known.  I hope you'll stick around, share a bit more about yourself and ask any questions that you may have.  There is much I can share with you but I'll wait until I understand better what you may need before I do.


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Hi Mary Ann

I was diagnosed with 1b in 2021 had upper right lobe removed no other treatment, I have had 6 monthly scans since then the last one will be next week if all is still well after that I will go to annual scans for the next few years.

I have made a full recovery I walk my dog daily and really live life to the fullest, I do take care to avoid Covid and other respiratory virus's by still wearing a mask in enclosed public spaces so far, I haven't had any of them hopefully that will continue. 

Take care may all be well.


Marilyn from Australia

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I had a RLL done on April 3rd of this year. Recovery was much easier for me than my imagination had led to believe it would be. However, 8 weeks later I developed a chylothorax (the details of which may be found at https://forums.lungevity.org/topic/52143-probable-chylothorax/).

Bottom line is the actual surgery (and recovery) was surprisingly easy for me. Very little SOB (which resolved after about a month) and no more pain that couldn't be managed by acetaminophen.

I am back to my usual routines and life at the moment and feel pretty damn good!


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