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Prayers for a Friend, Please.


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I am asking for prayers for a workmate / friend of mine. She had surgery on Thursday to correct a heart problem, had some veins removed from her legs to do it and it appears they SCREWED UP and she is not expected to live the night. She has not resumed any blood flow to her legs so they had talked about amputation but it even appears it is to late for that. Right now they have her on oxygen. Her kidneys have stopped production and it does not look good. Thank you all and I am sure her family would thank you also.

God Bless,


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Thank you all so very much for your prayers. Jean made it through the night and her son (who is in prison) was brought down to be able to say good bye to her. I have no doubt that you all played a part in that and I do thank you!

God Bless each of you!


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