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Lucie's Trip

Don Wood

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Lucie flew by herself to Mississippi last Friday to visit with relatives for the weekend. She flew back today and did very well on the whole trip! She enjoyed the visit very much and was pleased with being able to take care of herself (I am pleased too). This coming weekend, she will be taking training to become a volunteer to help other lung cancer patients. What a woman! Don

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Guest Billie

Way to go Lucy!!!!! I am so glad you had such a great trip and visited with family and friends. God Bless you for your volunteer work. And thanks, Don for the update.

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Don, you and Lucie are such an inspiration!!! I am so glad that Lucie was able to venture out and enjoy herself!

As for your catagorizing your weekend as "classified"....interesting, very interesting...you know, you leave alot to the imagination, and with this somewhat raunchy bunch, that could be more dangerous than if you were to 'de-classify' your weekend. You certainly do add an heir of mystery to your otherwise 'mild mannerd shoe-shine boy' personna 8) .

Now when you introduce yourself to the newcommers you have GOT to change your log in name to the more Bond-like introduction as being: "Wood...Don Wood" 8) .

Just something to think about...Take care, and give Lucie my love. Deb

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