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Hi All.   Winter has hit in Montana.  But I’m experiencing something odd.  I’m having morning dry heaves like I had post chemo.  Since April of 2023 I’ve been fine, gaining weight enjoying the summer, then wham, it’s like I’m having chemo again.   My daughter who is an RN says it’s likely PTSD.  Anyone else have this ten months after the end of chemo?   I have a scan in a few weeks, so I’ll tell Doc about this new issue, but wondering if others have psychosomatic remembrances of the toughest time in their lives.  Hope everyone is well.  

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I see that peritoneum tumors can also induce nausea.  These are on the inside of stomach.  I guess this could be my 1st symptom which could prompt oncologist to order the PET scan.  He said no PET scan without a symptom.  I also see that brain tumors can induce nausea.  I’ve had a brain met,from the lung cancer, so who know if it’s come back.  Let’s see what scans say in a few weeks and I’ll discuss with oncologist

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I have many "psychosomatic remembrances of the toughest time" in my life, but when these rise to the level of actual symptoms, I get out of my head and into a doctor's office. You can do this!

Stay the course.


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