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Finally some time off!


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Had my second PET scan results post surgery this week. Nothing growing or metastasised, only “persistent diffuse low-grade tracer activity max 2.2, likely post treatment changes”, and most importantly “no focal tracer avid lesion at resection bed”. My oncologists are delighted as this is as close to NED as I will get, given all the treatment I have been through (I.e. there will always be a bit of inflammation etc here and there, even if not malignant).

On top of that, my immuno-induced (?) T2 diabetes seem to be in remission after I made some diet and exercise changes, and my steroid regimen is giving me no issues

So just over two years of immunotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery, I will now have several months with no blood tests, hospital appointments etc - all in good health and shape. I am acutely aware that this can be temporary, but rushing off for work in Indonesia, then Christmas in Denmark, and a week of sun and sand in Antigua over New Year’s.

Who’d have thought, eh? X

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Oh, Rikke, this sounds so wonderful. It's amazing to feel free of medical stuff, and for me, the first time, it felt a little odd. But, oh, I got used to it. You will have wonderful travels, and that undercurrent of health will make it even better. 


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