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Carboplatin and Altima


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Carboplatin and Altima…. What are your experiences? My first infusion was Friday and today is day 1 of no steroids. Only s/e I’ve had so far is constipation and I have that under control for now.  I’m anxious today as I expect to be hit with some things here soon.  I’m was on targeted therapy since Apr 2021 and have had slight progression so I am on my 2nd line now. 

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I had Taxol and Carboplatin--18 total infusions. Taxol was the difficult side effect generator and indeed, almost 20 years later, I still have "Taxol toes" (painful and numb feet), muscle cramps (inability to absorb magnesium), and a loss of feeling in my finger tips. But, my chemo worked and that is a positive side effect. I wrote this years ago about infused chemotherapy. I hope it helps.

Stay the course.


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everyone is different but here are my experiences

stage 4 diagnosed over a year ago - my cea blood test was 55.8 - pet scan showed a spot of activity in a lower spine vertebra - lymph nodes in my chest (extensive) and 1 spot on each lung (the exterior, possibly scars)

my oncologist said 'this is not the cancer caused by smoking' but has never said mesothelioma

symptoms were trouble breathing and my left vocal chord nerve was pinched by the lymph nodes (paralyzed my left vocal cord) - discomfort in my chest - lost 60 pounds - biopsy of lymph node confirmed diagnosis and showed me eligible for keytruda

started on this

b12 shot once a month

folic acid (one of the b vitamins - rx) morning and night (1mg)

the 3 week cycle i was put on

keytruda infusion

carboplatin and alimta infusion (at the same time)

udencya shot the day after carboplatin/alimta - this is a neulasta generic - it boosts white blood cells

zometa infusion (i think this is the old ladies bone restorer stuff)

the day before, day of and day after the carboplatin/alimta - dexamethason 4 mg - 2 in the morning and 2 at night - steroids

the results for me - last 3 pet scans show no activity - my oncologist used the remission word - regained those 60 pounds - cea level is normal now - vocal cord paralysis is gone

he removed the carboplatin a few months ago but i still take the alimta - stopped the udencya too 

i have a life port

side effects

carboplatin - taste - stuff tastes like a yeti cup - but 2 things - i still remember how good greasy, salty food tasted so i still eat it, though with a little disappointment - second thing is peanut butter and CHOCOLATE still tastes like peanut butter and CHOCOLATE!  the cancer card gives you permission to eat crap and no one scolds you for it - taste begins to return when you stop carboplatin

alimta - i suspect this is the constipation demon - like you, nothing i can't LIVE with

udencya - makes you feel a little 'yucky- for about 2 days - nothing that kept me from functioning

steroids - trouble sleeping while i take them those 3 days so i do crossword puzzles in bed and channel surf on the tv all night (i have seen EVERY episode of 'my 600 pound life' and feel a personal connection with dr now)

keytruda - none that i can identify

fatigue - nothing i can't deal with and i suspect my lack of motivation contributes (my lardass nature i suppose)

the loss of feeling on fingertips - that thing - not very noticeable but there is some - fingertips might wrinkle a little 

i have bloodwork twice in the 3 week cycle - cbc and cmp - one time in the cycle they do a cea too - my blood has been remarkably normal through all of this

that is it - no hair loss - not one day of nausea 

keep a good attitude about the treatments - i am reluctant to say cake walk but i am shocked how little effect carboplatin and alimta has had on the way i feel 

not everyone has it that good - as i understand it, CISplatin is much harder than CARBOplatin - and others are on much harsher chemos than what we are taking

i don't know what put me in remission (the chemo or keytruda) and never will know - but neither had a huge impact on daily functions

we all fear cancer - no one can tell you not to - but i can confidently tell you NOT to fear carboplatin and alimta 

not many on here have our treatment plan - but it has been effective and scarily easy for me - praying it is for you too

(my chemo nurse - has a good sense of humor because i call her nurse constipation - interrupts my joy of  regular bowel function every 3 weeks for awhile - it won't last 3 weeks - doctor said miralax every day might help (ugh) or a stool softener - he also said milk of magnesia was ok - i usually hit that at 60 ml once to get back on track - seems petty compared to what others have to deal with)

again - fear cancer - not the treatment - you got this

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