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Update to my update below. Pet Scan scheduled for 7:00 am this Saturday then video Doctor visit next Wednesday to review the results. I’m nervous and anxious about both. I’m assuming that if whatever this is lights up, the next step would be an oncology referral and biopsy?


Update to my original post on October 21st regarding the 2.6 cm mixed ground glass and solid nodule in my upper right lung,  Apparently the tumor board reviewed the CT scan and recommended I have a PetScan as soon as possible instead of the original recommendation of another CT scan in 3 months. I tried to make the appointment for it this morning but apparently there is some glitch in the order from the Doctor (my PCP) which should be resolved in the next day or so. I will then be able to get the Petscan scheduled. This development has dimmed my optimism and increased my anxiety 10 fold. When my mom was in the same position I’m in in 2018 her (very calm)  statement to me was “what will be will be”. Trying hard to adopt that attitude but find it hard to do right now.

Thanks for “listening”. I appreciate it.


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The diagnostic phase of this disease makes so many of us crazy.  I'd like to say that this shouldn't upset you, but when I went through my diagnosis (original CT Scan, then follow up scan, then PET Scan, and finally confirmation during resection.  All I can tell you is to do what you can to keep yourself mentally occupied as possible with something not LC.  My hope is that you get this test quickly so you can know what is or is not going on.  Hang in there BlossomsMom...you can do this.


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