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RET from Poland

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Hallo my name is Maciek.
I'm from Poland, my brother was diagnosed on September 11th 2023 with IV stage nsclc and few brain metastases. 

After two gamma knife, he started therapy with gavreto (pralsetinib) on 1st of November. He is doing very well, no side effects, no recogniseble signs of progressing cancer - scans are scheduled for mid January. 

I hope to get samo informations and tips from all of you and share our experience. 

I'm the most interested in ways of getting rid of the primary tumor after significant shrinkage caused by TKIs. I hope shrinkage will occur....

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I'm sorry to hear about your brother, but glad that you found us.  Others will be able to provide more information on targeted therapies than I can as my lung cancer was treated surgically in 2019.  It was stage I and my scans have been NED (No Evidence of Disease) since that time.  I may not have experience with the treatments you describe but I'd like to provide some information you may want to share with your brother.

  1. First is a blog titles "10 Steps To Surviving Lung Cancer, By A Survivor".  This was written by a member who was diagnosed at Stage III, then went to Stage IV and over 18 years later he was declared "Cured".  That article can be found here.
  2. Next is a section of our website titled "Lung Cancer 101" and iti contains a wealth of information on causes, diagnosis, and treatments for Lung Cancer.  You can find that section on this page.
  3. Finally, as someone who is going to be caring for your brother I thought you might benefit from looking at our "Caregiver Resource Center" which is found at this location.f

In closing I can also tell you this...while Lung Cancer is the most deadly of cancers and shows high recurrence there are a number of survivors here who had Stage diagnosis similar to your brother who are still doing well years after diagnosis.  I pray the same for your brother and hope that you'll continue to delve into our website and learn all you can to better support your brother.  It would also be good for him to connect with some of the great survivors here so he can learn that his diagnosis is not the automatic death sentence it was years ago.  Progress is being made at a steady pace and new treatments are available even since my diagnosis four years ago (soon to be five).  


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Hang in there I was diagnosed stage 4 Oct 2021 put on targeted therapy meds. No evidence of disease today.

Cancer treatment has come a long way giving people a chance. Fingers crossed for shrinkage


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