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*R Rating* A Proposition


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A man enters his favorite ritzy restaurant and while sitting at his regular table, he notices a gorgeous woman sitting at a nearby table alone.

He calls the waiter over and asks for their most expensive bottle of champagne to be sent over to her knowing that, if she accepts it, he may be in for a pleasant evening.

The waiter gets the bottle and quickly sends it over to the woman, saying it's from the gentleman over there.

She looks at the wine and sends a note over to the man. The note reads: "For me to accept this bottle, you need to have a Mercedes in your garage, a million dollars in the bank, and seven inches in your pants."

The man, after reading her note, chuckles, and sends a note of his own back to her, and it read, "Just so you know, I happen to have a Ferrari Testarosa, a Jaguar XJE convertible, and a Mercedes 600SL in my

garage, and I have over twenty-five million dollars in the bank. But, not even for a woman as beautiful as you would I cut three inches off. Just send the bottle back."

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