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It's me again


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Hi everyone,

It's me again...This time my father-in -law is ill. Two weeks ago he was being treated for pneumonia.He didn't improve and wound up in the ER, a chest tube was inserted and drained 2.5 liters of fluid. A few days later he had a thoracotomy and a biopsy which came back positive for adenocarcinoma of the lung(hasn't smoked in 35 years). No evidence of a mass on ct scan, just large pleural effusion. He was drinking Barium for one of his tests Fri...started coughing and aspirated. He is now in the ICU on a respirator...he had been stable for a few days with slight improvement but today seems to be declining rapidly. Needs meds to keep his pressure up and his vent settings are as high as they can go.

I guess I just needed to "share " this...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers,


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