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I'm glad to read the good news.  But I'm suggesting that you copy your post on the other site and paste it here on LUNGevity.  There are likely some members who won't click on a link without contextual knowledge about that it is about.  The web is a wild place so I understand that way of thinking.  Again, congratulations on the good news.


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13 hours ago, laurie2020 said:

This was a cat scan. I have them every 3 months.  Scans of head to pelvis.

You should have had a PET/CT at the 2 year mark or within 6 months of finishing immunotherapy. 

There will always be a lesion in your lung.  It's extremely rare for a tumor not to leave a scar.  Like brain tissue damage is usually permanent.  If the lesion has smooth edges and is not hyper metabolic  it's most likely scar tissue.

Also after scanning through some of your blog, I have zero idea why your doctor would tell you remission is impossible. There are thousands of stage IV NSCLC patients in complete remission.  You yourself are at a minimum in partial remission.  This is not a made up term like NED.  It's a clinical term with a medical definition that your and every  oncologist should know.

A partial remission of cancer , some, signs or symptoms have disappeared.  You no longer have a growing lesion so A sign of cancer has disappeared, meaning at a minimum you're in partial remission.  

In a full remission from cancer all signs and symptoms have disappeared.  This does not mean you don't have evidence your body has been savaged by cancer.  It just means it's not currently so.  The presence of sequela is not a sign of cancer but the sequel to cancer treatment.  Permanent peripheral neuropathy is a sequela of chemotherapy not a sign of cancer. The hole in my brain is not a Sign of cancer but the result of treatment.

Cured is not the definition of remission.   

And no reason why you can't roll up a score like the Red Baron.

10 20 30 40 50 or more!



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