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New Plan for pericardial effusion

Cindy RN

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Well I now have an apt. with the cardiologist-one I have worked with many times in the past :D so I trust him. The apt is April 2 I believe. I suppose we will discuss the options then. I will say this thing is making me much more short of breath than I am used to. I still can do things around the house cooking etc. I DO NOT clean anymore! That is one chore the girls have taken over. :lol::lol::lol:8) Just one more hurdle. Thank you all for the notes and pms. I love the support I get from here. IT IS SO IMPORTANT.


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Whew, a plan in place; that's good AND with someone you trust. You posted last week ab out the downsides to being a nurse and being ill, but the up side is you kinda have an inside track on the drs to trust. So that's a good thing.

Thinking of you and senidng many good thoughts your way.

Can I borrow those girls for some cleaning.?


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I'm glad you are going to be seeing a cardiologist, Cindy. I just wish that you could get in there before April. I'm keeping all movable body parts crossed that they have a good easily implemented course of treatment that makes breathing easy for you.

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Guest Karen C

Cindy - hang in there. April 2 sounds like a long time away!

We, thankfully, haven't had any experience with this. Dave did have a small amount of fluid around his heart and his lung but nothing like what you're going through. They just left his alone.

I've been meaning to tell you - for months - that you remind me very much of a old friend of mine who is about our same age and is also named Cindy.

God Bless you,

Karen C.

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