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Judy B now in hospital


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Hello friends,

well poor Mom is getting weaker and she can't walk so they took her into the hospital two days early. Her surgery is still set for Wed. My brother in law, Matt pointed out a good point, that with her in the hospital she can rest and just lay there, and not be in so much pain, also she doesn't need to get up and she has people, nurses etc around her to help, so in a way I guess it is a good thing, but I am just so scared, and of course feeling like a terrible daughter because I am leaving to go to Denmark for a year in just two weeks. Everytime I feel happy, I immediatley feel guilty because Mom is so sick. and I am angry, at no one in particular, just this cancer and I feel helpless and it just sucks. As I know you all know all too well. Anyhow, I will give updates as soon as I know them. Also I am going to visit her next week before I leave so I can send a long any messages.

Thanks for being here for us.


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I don't know your mom as I am new to the board. But I am praying for her and you and the whole family. Pls try not to feel guilty about your future move. Talk it over with your mom; I'm sure she can let you know her feelings about it.


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I'm sure your Mom wants what is best for you, and this job is what you have been striving towards for the past few years! When you see her please tell Judy B. that I'm thinking of her and hoping that this surgery will be the one that knocks the pain out for good.

Fay A.

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Hello all,

Thanks for the thought and kind words. Mom is so amazing and yes she would rather I was working, then unemployeed. It just sucks and I feel bad, so anyhow the latest update is this,

She has some sort of lung infection so they may not be able to do surgery, we are all terrified, and I am going out there next week, and maybe sooner. She is a trooper and wants to live so I think that helps. The surgery is suppose to be a de-bulking, to release some pressure on her spone, but as you knwo they can't operate if her white count is too high. Anyhwo I have had a hard day emotionally, so I have to log off, I will let you all know as I know. Thanks and big hugs to everyone.


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