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today I learned that my dad has LC

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Dad called me today and told me he has non small cell LC and that the doctor is still trying to stage it, but that right now it looks to be a I or II. He has known something was up since last November, but in his usual way, he waited until he 'knew for sure' that it was malignant. He has a terrific attitude and we spent a couple of hours talking...he read a lot of his reports to me and I translated some of them out of medicalese for him and we discussed his treatment plans. He is 83 and was a smoker until 5 yrs ago, when he had a heart attack and bypass...etc. Because of COPD, one of his doctors recommended against surgery and his regular internist has been a real grim downer, and rather 'ageist' in implying that he has had a very good long life and that his plans for a 100th b'day party were unrealistic. He has since found an oncologist, who wanted to know what 'idiot' decided he was a poor surgical candidate. He has done a lot of internet research already and is interested in PDT (photo dynamic therapy) via a laparoscopy, especially if he is unable to have surgery. Has anyone here experienced PDT??? It was okay'd by the FDA back in 1997 for LC treatment.

The quote on my signature is a reflection of his attitude...I hope that this list will be a good one for me, I am still struggling to digest the news and maintain the 'all is for the best' attitude that my Dad has...My kids have always maintained that he far too young to be old.

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Welcome Elisabeth. From what you have written, I like your Dad already! He sounds spunky! All the people I know that live until there 100 are that way. Please keep us posted on what treatment they decide and how he is doing. Again welcome. Donna G

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I think PDT can be used only when the tumor is in the main bronchus

If the tumor is in a peripheral location, then the light can not reach it.

Other things to look into are RFA (radio frequency ablation). There are lung-sparing resections

Surgical - offers the best chance for curing. The incresed use of lung-sparing resections (sleeve lobectomy, segmentectomy, wedge resection and thoracoscopic wedge resection), has allowed surgical therapy for patients with less pulmonary reserve, but studies demonstrate that local recurrence rates are higher than non lung-sparing resections.


http://www.findarticles.com/cf_dls/m098 ... icle.jhtml


IT is GREAT that you found an Dr that did not write him off. And it really good that the stage is so early

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