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my friend newly dx lung cancer w mets to brain

Guest cindioh

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Guest cindioh

ze=18][/size]My friend, Mary was just diagnosed. Already, she says, "I just want to die, Cindi". Married to lovely guy for 24 years, 2 kids, 2 grandkids, great brothers and sisters, wonderful home and ALL. She says, "I don't have your courage. I don't have your strength." I don't get it. My life 'aint good. Yet, I have this WILL....I am a stage III-b NSCLC. She has cried and wept to me about being "faithful" all of her life...Sunday masses, rosaries, prayers etc. but not having a TRUE relationship with God. She said she felt terrible. Full of shame and guilt. She said that she was scared. And that she has heard of people who, when diagnosed with a serious illness, THEN they are suddenly ready. She cried and said that she was too proud. (cut off your nose to spite your face?). Anyway, my heart broke as I listened to her labored breathing and her tears were like waterfalls. God was listening harder than I was....I thank Him for putting the absolute most precious words in my mouth to give to her...His power is unbelievable. And, at last, my prayers for myself to follow His Will were answered....Mary has truly accepted God into her life.. She continues to have bouts of fear and instictively turns to prayer and psalms...We sure are ALL precious in His sight!!! He loves us so much, doesn't He? Bless us and let us keep our faith. And please pray that Mary's family will accept her illness and fate as she has. She IS very courageous. I will see her in heaven. But first, we are goin' wig shoppin' tomorrow. Gotta look good!

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I am sorry that your friend has to go through this trying time. I was dx'd a year ago. I was scared to death and was in a fog about what was happening to my life. Married 18 year (very happy and still am), never sick much other than a few colds here and there. Started coughing couldn't stop, went to doc this is what it is. I was never a churh going person. Didn't even belong to one, never did really give it much thought. I did believe in only one Jesus though and still do. The Lord was not ready to give up on me, He was getting my attention. I am a child of Jesus and He wanted me to know that. My husband and I started back to the church we had left ten years ago. We at that time had only gone maybe two-three months back then. My husband was raised Christian all his life. He is 58 and I am 55. He never persued or pushed us to go to church though. We got into the partying (smoking cigs and drinking) no drugs.. It was cool or so we thought then. WE quit drinking only because hubby had gallbladder out and couln'd drink anymore. Made him too sick, so I quit drinking too. No fun alone. I did continue to smoke though, I did that for 37 years without ever stopping. I loved to smoke and so did Bob... Last year when I finally went to doctor, he looked at x-ray and asked me does LC run in your family? I said no, he said we have a serious problem here. That was on January 10th, 2003. I went into the doctor's office smoking, I came out a non-smoker with no desire to this day to ever start again and haven't. In this last years time, I have had so many tests, chemo, radiation and etc. that you get to where you don't want to see another doctor...

What I am saying is, my husband and I started back to church in March of last year, became members and are active in ministries and our church family. I wouldn't have it any other way. I have not had treatment since Oct 2003 (chemo). truly feel in my heart my Lord, Jesus Christ has healed me. I give him all the glory, he is my #1 physician. He guides all of the doctors that are here on this old earth that are treating me. I have a small lesion in the brain (1) that yesterday when I went to see the radiation oncologist started out negative with his conversation. It will be removed surgically. I said to the doctor who is pretty high up and afilliated with City of Hope. You are not God and cannot say how much time I have left. Only my God can tell me that. He got up and left my husband and I in the room for about half an hour. When he came back, he said that once tumor has been removed in head, then I will be cured. His attitude changed. I rebuked satan in the name of Jesus. I put this situation in the hands of the Lord, it is bigger than me. I can't do this, Jesus is my father and I talk to him 1st always, the Holy Spirit answers me and I proceed with what he is telling me and dissernment (sp?). It is what I believe with all of my heart. God is number one. I can do all things through Christ and I am healed, I claim that healing and "By His Stripes, I am healed"...

Please teel your friend to put it in Jesus hands, believe and keep a positive attitude. All things are possible..

PM me if you would like to talk.

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Thank you! There is more, but I didn't want to make it too long. It is awesome what God does for all of us if we let him. I don't know how I got through life without realizing He has been and is always there for me. I love Him so much. I can't even tell you how much He has and is blessing my husband and I both... God is good all the time!



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Guest karen b

I would have basically posted what Karen 335 wrote. God is not bound by any parameters on this earth statistics etc. All sickness' (and everything else for that matter) are subject to his authority only!!!! I pray for strength and faith for yourself and your friend. May you both claim God's own words to heal you and I will do so for you as well. Jesus came that we would have life and have it abundantly.

Karen 335 you are talking my talk there. I like the way you think!!!

My dad is living testimony that prayer is real and is powerful. He was diagnosed IIIB and after almost six months of chemo and radiation he was given a clean PET Scan and clean bronch biopsy. He will be having surgery to remover lower lobe of necrosis. We just found this out today. (I posted his story in the GOOD NEWS section!) It was a matter of believing it would happen from our very guts (all 5 of my sisters and myself). We couldn;t allow our faith to be shaken although with some of the stuff he was going through, that was very challenging but our God was so gracious and merciful we received the best news I've ever heard today and I am grateful beyond words at this point. So the point is that there is certainly good reason for hope. Put your hope and faith in God; he will not forsake you.

God Bless You!!


Sorry for the blind signature line but this never lets me post under my profile info anymore.

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