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An update

gerbil runner

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Well, Mom has 3 more radiation sessions for her lung and pancreas, and then 3 more just to the lung. So she should be all done with the "zapper" on Tuesday. She's quite ready to be done - very tired and getting some pain now. I think she's lucky to have gone through most of it without any real problems. The radiologist decided only about a week ago (I think) to do the 3 extra doses on the lung.

Mom will have 1 or 2 more chemo sessions, depending on whether her main onc. or the onc. who is involved with stem cell gets the final say :wink: . Her counts have been a bit too low for the chemo since she started radiation, but have been increasing steadily. She'll get a pet scan after to see where she stands.

In early April, she will go back to the stem-cell onc. She needs to pass heart, lung, kidney and liver function tests, but wants to do the stem cell if she gets cleared.

And she's remained smoke-free since Nov. 15. Way to go, Mom!

So we're kind of in a holding pattern for now. Can't wait to have better weather - Mom and Dad live in a beautiful house right on a good-size pond, and Mom would love to sit outside and fish off the dock.

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Good for your Mom, getting that radiation over with----I am sure it is a relief for her to be done the radiation---although I never had it, I know people do get very tired from it--as well as have burning

and xtra kudos for her for being smoke-free---it is so hard for me and I do not even have the stress of going through the treatments ---she must be a very strong woman!

She will be on that dock fishing in no time----

I hope the next scans shows that NED came to visit


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Dear Jen,

So glad your Mom is improving and things are looking up. My daughter who lives in MI told me today that today was a lovely spring day and all sorts of "green things" are popping up all over the garden. So, it looks like spring is here and your Mom will be able to get out that old fishing pole!! Love Paddy

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