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Completed scans after chemo

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So appreciate your encouragement and feedback last time I posted!  I'm a 46-year-old Chinese American woman with no smoking history, diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer on 1/22/2024, started chemo and Tagrisso on 2/6/2024.  I completed 4 rounds of chemo and continue to take Tagrisso and just did MRI and PET scans.  Brain MRI showed the met is gone.   Other MRIs show some abnormalities in my spinal cord and bones are showing improvement.  My PET scan showed decreased but still metabolic activity (SUV) above 2.5 in two bone spots.  Primary lung mass is now below SUV of 2.  I was disappointed that there is still active cancer in my body after chemo and Tagrisso.  I'm hoping that I wouldn't need radiation.  My doctor said the scans are all good news, but it's very rare for someone in my stage to ever be cancer free.  

I re-read Radical Remission about radically changing diets, to eliminate meat, dairy, refined carbs, sugar, leaving only organic fruits, vegetables, beans, seeds, whole grain.  I didn't follow that during chemo because I needed nutrition to get through chemo.  Now I really want to get some advice on diet.  

A troublesome side effect I'm experiencing is diarrhea.  Most days it's loose stool once a day, but sometimes it's frequent diarrhea, likely caused by certain foods.  My worry is that my body isn't absorbing nutrients that I tried so hard to get down even though I don't have much of an appetite, and I would like to treat it naturally before starting to take Imodium all the time.  Would so appreciate your advice!

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I feel your pain. One of my 5 lines of treatment was a combination chemotherapy using Taxol and Carboplatin with the targeted therapy drug Tarceva. Like Tagresso, Tarceva induced GI "instability". In my case, I had to run to the bathroom throughout the day on short notice. When blogging this complaint, a survivor told me to try a bowl of plain steamed rice as my first meal in the morning. My GI difficulty laughed at Immodium but respected the rice. Most days, I could eat nearly normal after my unadorned breakfast. Note, do not use parboiled rice like Uncle Ben's. For some reason, that variety does not work.

We have a section on our Forum that provides "tips and tricks" posted by community members. It is titled Lung Cancer 101 and can be found here.  

Stay the course.



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