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Good News...I'm Pretty Sure


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Nutshell background-1.6cm right lower nodule found incidentally 2/23. Monitored with no changes until last week. CT says it is now 1.9cm. Doc says it's go time to get it out. Segmentectomy scheduled for 6/5.

I had a PET scan yesterday morning and got the results in the afternoon. I never thought I would think a report that says "concerning for malignancy" would be good news, but I think it is overall. The nodule had an uptake of SUV 1.1/1.2. The rest of the lungs are clear with no other suspicious things.

The report says..."Given interval increase in size and mild metabolic activity this finding is concerning for malignancy." 

BUT. also says.. "The remainder of the study demonstrates no abnormal hypermetobolic glucose activity to suggest malignancy/metastatic disease elsewhere."

The PET marks the nodule as 1.6cm not 1.9cm so who knows on that. 

Side note- scanxiety is for real. It was a nerve wracking day. I was a wreck thinking about what could be lurking. There is still a lot to worry about but I am breathing somewhat easier.



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