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Cardio exercise and breathlessness

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Hi Everyone,

I had a lower left lobectomy 3 months ago, for stage 1a lung cancer. They think they got it all so I'm not having any treatment. I feel very fortunate it was caught so early. I’m 61 years old, female and otherwise in good health.

My question is regarding exercise. I love taking long walks and going to the gym often. I’m working with a trainer and along with strength training am doing high intensity training workouts, trying to improve my breathing and endurance. The challenge is that I get short of breath and often get lightheaded. My doctors don’t have a problem with me exercising, but are unable to offer any estimates as to when the shortness of breath will improve, if ever. I’ve tried to find articles about cardio exercise after a lobectomy, but there’s not much available. Any ideas from the group?



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