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Molecular/Genetic Typing

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My mom had her Right Upper Lung nodule ( found incidentally on CXR) biopsied on May 7 at MDAnd erson by the Pulmonologist. We met with the Med oncologist on May 23. On the first meeting she told us it was AdenoCA with one positive LN. Stage 3-4 . She had also a nodule on the e Left which was not biopsied but lighted up on PETScan. It might be 2 primaries he said., which makes it Stage 3 or it might be Mets which then make it Stage4. 

He did not want to start treatment because he was still going to order molecular typing on the biopsied tissue . ( I did not realize the tissue biopsied 2 weeks prior was just sitting in the lab waiting for the Med Oncologist to put the order) . Anyhow he said he’s going to order a Liquid biopsy that might have a quicker turn around time. 

It’s now exactly a month from the Endobronchial biopsy , and 2 weeks since we saw the Oncologist. We had a telephone visit yesterday and he tells us , the molecular test to look for mutations is not out yet. Thus we cannot start treatment .He tells us maybe next week the result will come out.

I cannot believe that the premiere cancer center in the world has a long turn around time . Or did they messed up something? I am getting worried.

Does anyone have any experience how long results of molecular test comes out after biopsy or if it is sent right away after the tissue was brought to the lab . Her Robotic Endobronchial biopsy and everything like scan, PET were all done at MD Anderson.

Any input appreciated.


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