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A Miracle is Happening.

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<--Keytruda the Vanquisher

On September 29th was my first infusion of keytruda. It was also the last use of the PICC line. Interventional radiologist was nice enough to down his evening putting in my chemo port. I'm so very thankful. The PICC line was a huge hassle. Keeping it cleaned and flushed was more than I wanted to take on. I couldn't see them actually cutting into me but watching the ultrasound was cool enough. Kind of loos like a mouse. If you need chemotherapy I'd recommend getting a port. You can get your blood drawn and contrast injection through it. May take a bit extra waiting for someone certified to access it but way better than the hassle of a PICC or wear and tear of an IV.


 I need the Keytruda to work. The tumor on my neck is growing so big I know they are going to give me a Tracheotomy. 


On October the 2nd I star freaking out. The tumors on my neck look like they're melting like a candle. My poor wife has been changing the dressing, abdominal pads, all day and night. Smells like death. Either it's working or it's infected. But we are cleaning and changing dressings constantly.  



 they said it's going to take months to see anything. Nope! In 12 days it's basically gone. have sores from the tape even though my wife changes the position each time. But I'm not going to complain.

 12 days!IMG_20240621_102103_copy_480x640.jpg

They're going to do 4 sessions of radiation to the craniotomy resection bed. Got to do practice again. Planning scans show no more tumors. Still going to irradiate the tumor bed over 5 days just in case anything is still there. First session the 15th then the 6th with the weekend off.


18 days post keytruda.IMG_20240621_102111_copy_480x640.jpg


Everyone is shocked at the progress.  

September 21st. after the last radiation treatment my vision is a little off for about 30 minutes. I was perfectly fine until then. All clears up ring the bell and on my way.    

Not even a month and it's all healed. I can not physically feel any tumor in my neck.

Keytruda, chemotherapy, radiation, and lot's of prayers seem to be working.  


26 days post 1st Keytruda injection.IMG_20240621_102116_copy_480x640.jpg

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I'm fascinated by your story, @edivebuddy, plus the photos are so interesting. Your response to the treatment is amazing. Very glad of that for you.

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