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Pity pot


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"Pity Pot" poem written by Linda Nielsen.

No smiles today, just frowns I've got.

It's time for a rest on the pity pot.

I'm sad, I'm cranky. It'll be a day or two.

Of feeling down, of feeling blue.

This isn't just a simple mood swing,

It's an honest to goodness pity pot thing.

You must admit that I've earned this spot.

Right up front on the pity pot.

It's just so hard to keep this smile.

I need a pity pot break for just a while.

So give me time to wallow a bit.

I know real soon that I'll get over it.

The clouds will part and the sun will grow hot,

And I'll jump right off this pity pot.

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Elaine...don't worry. It's perfectly normal for us to hallucinate on some of the drugs they give us. :wink: When I was on Morphine I gained a true appreciation for the works of Lewis Carroll. :)

Fay A.

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I know -isn't this weird. Some see pumpkins, some see eggs. Now which do you think Oprah would see, Pumpkins or eggs? Which would Dr Phil see? Is this some sort of personality test? LOL. Where's the description of my personality--for seeing pumpkins one day and eggs the next. Does this mean I have multiple personalities?



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