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Hey Snowflake...You wanted EGGS!

Fay A.

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and a new picture, so here it is. Part of the reason I'm not on the computer very much right now is I have to finish the last batch no later than April 1st. I'm sending them to Katie B. for her LCSC table at the Arbor Day Festival in late April.

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People think I'm joking when I say I collect chicken stuff, too. I'm not. There are over 400 chicken things in this house! It truly is my one remaining "fowl" habit.


I don't have any close ups of the eggs, but I'll try to come up with some this weekend.

When I read Becky Snowflake's post about me needing a new photo and how about an Egg I cracked up. I had been painting eggs for about two hours and needed a break, so I logged on to the board and found her post. Gave me a good chuckle. :)

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LOL - FAY! That picture sure does tickle, all those feathers!

Actually, I thought you MIGHT pose with the back of your head in pastels! Just like you to exceed all expectations and show not ONE, but a mere dozen or so eggs!

Now that I know of your FOWL taste, I may just be able to scare up something that tastes like chicken...maybe a 'possum...or squirrel... :roll:

(I wonder if Domino's will deliver a "road pizza"? Some of the BEST MEAT gets driven by daily....ROFL)

Take care, Fay...and beware of geeks gifting barely...

Hogs & quiches,


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Good one, TBone!

You know, my husband and I were driving a couple of weeks ago down a busy street in Anaheim, right smack in the middle of town, and -- I kid you not -- a chicken CROSSED THE ROAD right in front of us. This is a mile or so from Disneyland, mind you, in a place where no chicken had a right to be. The mystery, as my husband pointed out, was not that the chicken was THERE, but... WHY it crossed the road! (Maybe it was heading for Fay's house.) :lol:


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