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Book protocol from "Today I Will Not Die"

Guest pat mc

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Guest pat mc

(From the book “Today I Will Not Die” by Dr. Mary Ann Block)

This is the protocol from the book and I am very interested in it. Does anyone know of anyone who has tried it? It looks like Dr Block covered areas 10 years ago when she designed this protocol for her mother, that people are considering "Hot Topics" for cancer, i.e. vitamin K, biopharmacotherapy.


Nutritional Supplements taken Orally

Magnesium - 500 mg - Twice per day as magnesium glycintate, citrate, or aspartate

Vitamin E - 400/IUday (Supplement was not used until the chemotherapy was completed because the oncologist informed her that Vitamin E could actually interfere with her mother's particular form of chemotherapy)

Selenium - 200 mcg/day

Beta-Carotene - 10,000-60,000 IU/day

Zinc - 10mg/day

Evening Primrose Oil - 500 mg/day

Fish Oil - Max EPA

Vitamin D - 400 IU/day

Vitamin K - 300 mcg/day

Vitamin B12 - sublingual (under the tongue)

Multivitamin - with all the B vitamins included

Multi-mineral - given at different time of day from multivitamin

Vitamin C - to bowel tolerance 10-12 g+

Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus (dairy-free) 1 capsule or tablespoon 1 times/day of each

Niacin - 1.5 gr/day

Garlic capsules - 1-2 times per day

Vitamins and Mineral Administered through IV twice weekly

Magnesium (MGSo4) - 50% solution, 8 ml

Chromium - 20 mcg/ml, 10 ml

B complex - 3ml

Zinc - 1mg.ml, 1 ml

Saline - 0.45 normal, 250 ml

new: Vitamin C - 10g

Injections: twice weekly

Magnesium sulfate - 50% solution, 2cc

Pyridoxine HCcl (Vitamin b6) - 100 mg/ml 1cc

Lidocaine - 2% 1cc

(Magnesium, pyridoxine, and lidocaine were all combined in one injection and given deep IM, "Z" track with a 23-Gauge 1 1/2" needle. This size needle is imperative to adequately reach the muscle and dispense with the least discomfort.)

Biopharmacotherapy The concept of this protocol was based on utilizing biological materials that encompassed both natural substances and drugs. The goals of this approach would provide the body with what is needed to build up the immune system so the body's own agents could fight the cancer itself.

Cimetidine - 300 mg four times per day

One side effect of this drug is that it lowers the white cell count. Since chemotherapy already destroys white cells in vast numbers, we used cimetidine with caution. After taking this medication for several weeks, Mother stopped because her white blood cells were dropping dangerously low as was noted on the contraindication.

Indomethican - 50 mg four times per day after food

Butyrate - 8-10 g four times per day

Staphage lysate - 1 cc ampoule - Started at 0.15 cc given subcutaneously. Dose was increased or decreased by 0.10 cc every other day until there was an area of growth or redness approximately 50 mm in diameter at the injection site. Staphage lysate is now only available from veterinarians. It took several weeks for my mother to reach the 50 mm skin reaction. When she reached the desired threshold, she appeared noticeably improved.

Hypnosis and Guided Imagery – Suggest you read the book, for this you need to use your own judgement and preference.

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Pat Mc

I have a protocol but it is for an extremely rare

kind of breast cancer, it looks a bit like the one you printed,

but no IV at all and no beta-carotene.

It was given to me by Dr. Varga in Switzerland because she

had studied the kind of cancer I have.


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