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Hospice maybe for Judy B


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My heart is heavy with the news of you mom, JudyB. Although many patients seem to gain strenth and actually rally under the auspices of Hospice. I will pray your mom comes out of this and returns to her old self in due time. Add my prayers to the many others coming your way.

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Oh, Stephanie, I am so sorry that things have gotten to this point. But as others have said, hospice is used to help build up a person, too. I hope and pray that this is the case for your mother.

If you can, please tell JudyB that Debaroo is praying really hard, and pulling for her. (((((((((((((((JUDY))))))))))))))) Deb

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Hello all,

Well this is a rollar coaster I want off of! It sucks. I am now going through anger, because Mom has blood poisoning and I fell they could have caught it! GGRRRR. there was a post saying that it didn't seem like she was this bad, and I have to say, she wasn't just Sat she was laughing and talking to me. I felt good that day, but as you know things can chnage so fast. I am on my way out Friday and I will tell her how much you are all praying for her. and I am praying for a miracle, but preparing for the worst as I feel that is what is going to happen. Poor Mom, she isn't in hospice yet, but is going soon.

I will try to write when I am in AZ but it may be hard . But I promise I will be in touch. You all mean so much to us! Thank you


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