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"People do survive lung cancer"

Donna G

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just stumbled over this article , someone decided to study those of us who survived because we are a growing number!

http://www.cancer.mednet.ucla.edu/newsm ... 71702.html

I sent this message to the email address on the article.

Just found and read an article written in July, 02. I am glad someone is thinking of long term survivors of lung cancer. I was diagnosed in Dec. 97 and know many even longer survivors than myself. One , David, was diagnosed with lung cancer in his teens, one lung removed, now the father of teenagers, school teacher, and marathon bike rider. I agree that the impact of lung cancer is far more emotional than physical. The physical rehabilitation however is really not addressed either. As so many more now are being diagnosed at much youner ages and many young women who never smoked the rehab also needs to be addressed. I am an RN. At the hospital I work it is part of our thorocotomy pathway that right after surgery passive ROM to the affected shoulder should start but then what? I hope your center has continued this research to improve the quality of life for those of us survivors of lung cancer. Thanks Donna RN

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Thanks, Donna. Linda Sarna is one of my heroes. I met her at a research conference and I felt like a teenager meeting her idol; I didn't know what to say. She has done some wonderful research, esp. around women and lung cancer.

(A nurse scientist is my hero. Okay, so I'm a big nerd.) :D

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