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Hello My Brothers & Sisters,

This past weekend my son Randy and I went to a religious retreat at St Joseph in the hills in Malvern Pa. This is a retreat for men. This was my eighth year and my sons first. My son (pictured with me) was amazing. He got everything you could possibly get from the retreat. While we were there we bought five candles and went down to the grotto of the blessed mother and I light 1 for my mother 1 for my father 1 for my wife’s girlfriend sister and one for all of my brothers and sisters fighting lung cancer. My son light one for his close friend who died in a fire this past fall. I just want everyone to know I prayed and prayed for all here. There is a time during the weekend they call private adoration.

This is when you go into a room with God and pray. 75% of my time was spent thanking God by helping me fight this monster. The rest of the time I asked God To help our doctors to find a cure. I just want every one to know you were all prayed for very hard this last weekend.

God Bless Everyone!!!

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hi ray,

i'm so happy for you and your son. what a wonderful bonding experience. i also thank you for the prayers. my mother is currently have chemo as we speak (she was diagnosed with nsclc stage iv late last year). through prayer, i believe that we can all help each other out, even though we may live thousands of miles away from each other. you are truly an inspiration. God bless you and your family. you are certainly in my prayers.

take care,


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How lucky you both are...I am so glad you have one another. You are right, we all need time alone to reflect, pray, be thankful. A retreat is a rare opportunity, my mother has always been a big fan. Despite your trials, God has given you many gifts, among them your family. And don't forget, you are also a gift to all of them.

Will be praying for you.


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Hi My Brother,

Oh Ray, that was so beautiful. I'm so glad you were able to have such a wonderful time with your (handsome) son. As my granddaughter would say, "he's a hottie" :roll::wink:

You had mentioned The Relay for Life in one of your posts. These are done all over the US. Many people attend these events every year.

I have attended them here in Minnesota. I've even worked them. Last year four of us Lung Cancer Survivors went to one in my area and we had a ball. WE walked arm and arm and as proud as could be, to be lung cancer survivors in the SURVIVORS LAP. It will bring tears to your eyes!

Sadly though, ACS does very little in the fight for lung cancer. But, maybe if we bring it to there attention, they might consider changing there minds.

I remember when your dear son lost his friend in that aweful fire. My prayers to your son for the loss of his friend.

Thank you for sharing, and how about an update on how your doing?

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