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Mental Health Holiday


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Hi, all!

Just tapping out a quick note to let you all know that I'm heading off on a mental health holiday. In about two and a half hours, I have nine straight days off from work and plan on doing.....not a darn thing! There are some home improvement plans that the Cookieman and I are going to be working on to sell our current abode, but nothing major (no backhoes nor Bob Villa).

I may join in the Tuesday night chat and I may not, depends on how the wind is blowing...

BUT, until I get back, no one is allowed to die, suffer a recurrence, have mets or change negatively in ANY way (and I promise, if that's what it takes to cure us all, I'll never log back in here again)... I only want to read good news when I get back!

Hopefully, I'll get my attitude adjusted some and be all better when I return...

Take care, and play nice.


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Have yourself a rip roaring good time. You deserve a break for the next nine days. You will be missed and we look forward to your vaction stories when you get back. I am sure the adventures will put a smile on all of our faces and a lot of laughter in our lives...

Wishing you the best time ever... Stay safe. 8)

Blessings and prayers,


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Becky dear,

May you and the Cookieman have a wonderful vacation, vacation as in not doing home repair projects, vacation as in not doing yard work, vacation as in room service, pink drinks with umbrellas and drop dead gorgeous beach boys to eyeball.

Have fun.


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Enjoy :) Splurge :) And I hope not to see you back since you won't come back if everyone gets better. So here is hoping for no more posts ;) You can PM instead! heeheheeheheehehehehehehehehhee. I crack myself up. Don't mind me.

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Isn't it just like a Snowflake to disappear on us when Spring arrives :roll:

Hope you have and the Cookieman have fun playing "Home Improvement". I'll miss you.

Fay A. PS My new Mantra is "Karma help the Universe....." and I know you know the rest of it. :wink:

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