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I confirmed my insanity at the office ;)


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I know others can relate and laugh at themselves and with me at this.

For whatever reason, I went with a HMO. After my mom got sick, I was like why did I do that to save some money, I want a PPO in case I ever need a multitude of drs. Well at first I was told I cannot change until Oct.

I JUST found out that open enrollment for Blue Cross will be in April!!! And Affleck is coming about other insurance options! And I was squealing with excitement over this good news b/c I want good coverage. I was telling my office manager how happy I was about it. And somenoe asked me what I was so happy abuot and I said "April is open enrollment, we can change our plans!"

My secretary said "I know why you are excited, you are signing up for cancer". I said "well I don't want to sign up for cancer, but in case of" :)

I can guarantee that most people would find my happy reaction absolutey insane. However, I bet a lot of you can understand where I am coming from and don't think I am crazy :):):):):)

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I betcha something like that happened to her, that she went through the same thought process with someone close to her.

It makes sense......

That's why last year I was pricing the long term federal disability insurance, which is expensive if you don't put the five year cap on it.


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I bought supplimental CA insurance in Dec. 2003. Had a two month waiting period before I could use it or file a claim. This was not a pre-existing condition, but they checked it out first before they would accept my claim. I was dx'd March 2003. Claim filed in April 2003. Never had a clue I would need this insurance. Hubby and I are both covered. My premium is now paid through the insurance policy. We just never know...



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