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Dad IIIB; Clean PET Scan!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest karen b

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Guest karen b

I don't know if my signature will show up on the post because it hasn't 3 out of 5 posts that I've done so far but just in case.(which I'm no computer efficianado so who knows how I managed to foul that up!!! :lol: )

Nonetheless, I'm Karenb my dad was diagnosed in Sept. 03 w/IIIB squamous cell w/golf ball size tumor and mediastinal lymph node involvement. He received concurrent chemo and radiation until mid Nov.03 a PET scan showed the tumor shrunk in half but the nodes were smaller but still glowing....so he continued on with chemo again. They kept him on the same regiment of carb/taxol but did it every three weeks for three months. He developed a plueral effusion at some point and they discovered it when they did a CT scan to see where he was after the last round of chemo.

It has taken until today (3 1/2 weeks later) to discover that he has no detectable cancer in his body. Just last week his Pulmonalogist was telling us (at his appointment) that he believed that it was cancerous even though the fluid came back negative ;and that very little could be done for him. They did a bronch on monday and a PET on tues and all the results were in today. My dad was feeling so terrified and I was too. That was life changing hearing a doctor say that to your dad; I just could not comprehend it; it almost made me feel like I needed to throw up.

He was singing a different tune at today's appointment!!! They say that they will still do surgery to remove the lower lobe even thought all 19 slides he took in the bronchoscopy said it was negative for cancer because it is pretty good scar tissue that might cause him trouble but they also want to make sure there are no hiders in there as well I guess. Might even do follow up chemo but that is up to his oncologist to decide.

I just wanted to share this incredible news w/you all because I know how much cherish hearing great news from all of you (for all these months I lurked around here!) I don't know what the future holds in all of this but I'm so eternally grateful to God for what today brought to us. We were granted a blessing today. I so hope blessings for all of you too!!! Again thank you all for sharing your stories on here it has been a tremendous help over the last months and will continue to be too!!!

God Be with You All!!

k. b. DePalma

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Dear Karen B.

"INCREDIBLE" NEWS!!! That is wonderful! Sounds like your dad has a GREAT team of Doc's and they are going to be very aggressive in treating his cancer. That is GREAT! I could almost feel your GLO over the Internet when I read your message. :) So Happy for you!

Keep us posted and holler if you need anything. Give your dad my BEST!

From One Lung Cancer Stage IIIB Survivor to ANOTHER! There are lots of us out here, and there is NO reason he can't be one of us too!

God Bless and Stay Strong,

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Guest karen b.

Thank you all again for all the information you share on this site, it has come in so handy over the past few months when dealing w/my dad's doctors and dealing with my dad too!! He needed to find hope because the information he read upon initial diagnosis was so so so depressing he was even slightly hesitant to even try treatment because he thought "why bother".

There are no words whatsoever to help me construct a sentence on just how blessed I feel right now. It is a complete miracle and I am a firm believer in them; no doubt. Connie you were obviously one of the cases I cited to him since you were obviously his same staging and everything. I hope to stay in this new state, like you, for a while. I like it here much better!!! :lol: Again the reason for my post is to maybe help someone else to have hope just as I drew hope from all of you.

God Bless and Keep alo of You!!


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Karenb, I am so glad for your father!!

As for follow up chemo, don't wait for the doctor to ask. Ask him, Be proactive. Too many people have not had follow up chemo and paid with their lives.

Tell him I am delighted for him!!! It takes a while to sink in.....




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