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Well, folks its that time again... Daddy went for his blood workup Thursday, has his CT Scan today at 3:15, MRI on Wednesday and meeting with the Onc this coming Friday to discuss the results. His blood work results showed a "hairline" difference in one of the proteins in his blood , but the onc told me he was not at all concerned about that, nor should I be.... I HATE THIS !!!! I will let you know next Friday how everything turned out.... Love to you all... Sharon

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Hi Sharon,

Well my Friend, it sounds wonderful to hear the Onc Doc say he's not to concerned. So for what it's worth, I'll still say and extra prayer that all is clean and clear.

Little Hint for you: It gets easier and better as time goes on when it comes to DREADED CHECKUP TIME!! :roll:

Stay Strong, and God Bless. Tell you Dad I'm in his corner and wishing him the best of news. I'll look for your message next Friday in the GOOD NEWS FORUM!! OKAY? OKAY!

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I am the cockeyed optimist that only hears good news. The onc. said "Don't worry" - so, please don't worry.

Worry does no good whatsoever. Stay positive, your Dad needs to feel that positive energy coming from you.

In the meantime, I will keep everything crossed for good news.


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