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sister is freaking

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Just wanted to reiterate what was already said. Have your sister talk to her doctor right away. It may very well be a side effect of the chemo, but if it is it still needs to be managed and taken care of.

My husband was told that it was possible that he have bloody stool from the chemo and other meds that he is on, but if he does he should call the on duty oncologist, or go in to talk to the doctors immediately.

Try and ease her worries, it may not be anything serious. A lot of the medications they give for anti-nausea also cause constipation, or diarhea, which in turn can tear the lining of the rectum and cause bleeding. The concern with that, and the reason to let the doctors know right away is that chemo lowers your white blood cells and immunity, and there is a greater chance of developing infection if it is just lining tears.

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