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Update on my mom-advice needed


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Hello everyone. I haven't posted since I first found out about my mom. After all of the tests, we now know that the cancer is in other areas than the brain and lung. We were originally told she had a 20% cure rate but now that has changed to 0%. She broke her hip 2 weeks ago due to a tumor. She had a PET scan done and the results showed a large tumor on her upper femor. She saw her onc the same day of the PET and he said everything looked good--but she should wait for the final report. She told both her oncologist and her radiation oncologist about the extreme pain in her leg; however, noone put the two together. She ended up breaking her hip---luckily while I was with her---and had to be put into an ambulence and underwent hip surgery the next day. I can't help but feeling burned that the doctors knew about the tumor, yet didn't bother to tell us. I have never sued anyone in my life, but seeing my mom go through all of this pain makes me angry. I wonder if we should seek legal advice?

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I would think it might be more important to deal with what is going on with your mom right now, rather then think of a law suit. It is VERY hard to prove Medical Malpractice. But, for now, your mothers comfort sounds like it would be much more important to deal with rather then law suits. Just my Humble Opinion.

Good Luck, and I will keep you mother in my prayers.

If you wish to sue, you will have to keep good records and get all of your mom's medical records and keep track of EVERYTHING!

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...I wouldn't be too happy with a doctor that gave me a 0% cure rate and not even the "slim and none" that allows for some Hope. Believe me, I understand how horrible this flippin' disease is, but for a doctor to take away all hope is unconscionable.

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