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Mom Is coming home tomrrow


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Ok, I think I am in the right forum now..Sorry If I am not.

Thank you everyone for all the support. we jsut got word that my mother will be coming home form her surgery tomorrow (Monday 3/29)

She looks great, all the tubes are gone and she is able to walk around on her own. It is amazing how quicky one can recover form something so traumatic.

I aslo think her surgeron deserves a great amount of thanks. He has visited her every day, Saturday and Sunday included. This has really lifted her spirits. It is a good thing that we will no longer need to deal with him, but at the same time a little sad. My mother looks at him as a lifesaver and listens to him more than anyone in the world. So when he tells her the surgery went great and that he is thrilled with it all, it really makes her feel so much better.

I am not prepared for the home coming. All I can think of doing is making sure the Fridge is stocked and pleanty of food is prepared and waiting for her tomorrow. I have no idea what to expect. We live in a three family home. My sister on the first, my mother on the second floor and myself on the third. I will be working from home for at least a week. I guess I am just kind of looking for advice on what to expect.

Also, what happens from here? Every other scan and biospy she has had has showed that the cancer has not spread. The Surgeon is now insisting that whatever was in her other lung was not cancer. that it was something else. He said when he went in, he discovered the tumor was "Dead". He said we could not ask for better results form the surgery. SO is she going to be considered "Cancer Free" or does she have to wait a while without any reoccurrences for that? I guess all I have done the past few months is prepare for the surgery and did not give much thought to life after it. Is it possible for someone to have this type of surgery and eventually be considered cured?

Thank you all. I hope that knowing how well she did mat give someone out there comfort who may be going through the same type of surgery in the near future.

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She is now sleeping comfortably (and I use that term very loosly) on her own couch. She is very happy to be home. She was more excited to be back with our dog, Milo, than my sister and I. He is a good dog an I think he gives her alot of comfort. He is very, very affectionate and its funny but I could swear he knows something is wrong.

So I guess we are in for a tough few days. We will just try to keep her as comofratbel as possible and hope for a quick recovery and a quick end to her pain.

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Hi I am so glad your Mom came home---

After 4 years, I still see my surgeon, he is the one that orders the scans and reviews them and examines me ---

I was fine when I got home- and basically could do everything---I had a little pain now and then--others have not been so lucky--- so play it day by day and have her take pain meds accordingly

best wishes to you and your Mom for a speedy recovery

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Thank you all for the support. Well today is day 3 of her being home and she could finally take a shower. She can walk around and eat and do things for herself. I am truly amazed at how someone can go through so much trauma and still be functioning. I do not know if I could handle it half as well.

I just wish her surgeon could somehow understand how gratfeul we are that he came into her life and did what he did.

So I guess now we just pray for no reoccurence? I guess we will just be happy and take things day by day and see what happens.

I wonder how common it is for reoccurrence? Also, I wonder how successful the radiation pellets are. I guess time will tell.

Right now she id great and Its reason to be happy and not think of all of the other things for a while..

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I am so grateful for your good news. Hooray!!! That shower must have made her feel like a new person!

I don't have any wiseom to impart re: the radiation pellets--but I am sure others on the board do.

Yes--enjoy life and each others' company--and think about someting else for a while (while making sure the Drs. still monitor her carefully!!!).

You are both in our thoughts.


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