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beckyg in hospital


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Hi everybody. I wanted to update you on Becky. We went down for a bronchoscopy in Houston on Friday. Basically we learned that the right lung has collapsed - that from a ct scan a couple of weeks ago - but that it is not the tumor pushing the airway closed.

Anyway, on Friday, she did a lot of coughing recovering from the bronch, as expected. Her breathing, which had been getting worse since last Sunday, started getting much worse yesterday and again this morning. So we called the doctor and she went to the emergency room and has since been admitted. Her blood oxygen level was at about 75% when she got into the ambulance. They have her on the highest flow of oxygen they can give her without a ventilator. They did blood work, x-rays, and the like, and it looks like there is some pneumonia, her white cells are high and her hemoglobin low, so they are giving her a transfusion probably tonight.

That is what I know. I am headed back to the hospital now. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I will update from time to time as I get a chance.


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Hi Curtis,

I am so sorry to hear this setback for you kids... I say kids, I am old enough to be your mom. Becky is a strong young woman and this is just a small bump in the road for her. You and Becky are in my prayers everyday...

I would like to say a prayer for your Becky...

Jesus, I lift up Becky to you. Father, I pray that it be your will to touch and heal her because through you all things are possible. By HIS stripes we are healed, we claim that healing for Becky. I pray and and ask this in your name Jesus...


Please let us know how she is doing.

God Bless and gentle hugs from So. California,


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Thank you for letting us know so that we may lift up Becky through this latest ordeal. Will be watching for posts of her progress and remember to take care of yourself also. Prayers for you all to have the strength to overcome this disappointment.



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Curtis and Becky,


I was just floored when I read your message that our Becky is in the hospital. Oh Becky, I'm sorry you have hit this bump in the road, but stay strong hon, and stay positive and you'll be home in NO TIME!

My prayers are with you both!!!

Love & Support,

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Sending prayers for Becky. Let her know we are thinking and praying for her and I know she will feel better real soon.

As soon as they hook her up to those IV antibiotics, she will bounce right back!

You take care of yourself too :)


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