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Connie B

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Hi everyone. I would like to ask all moderators of each forum to send us an e-mail to touch base. This is to determine whether or not you would like to continue being that forum moderator.

Also, there are a few forums without moderators, and some with only one moderator, so we are in need of VOLUNTEERS!!

Anyone wishing to volunteer to be a Forum Moderator, please send a PM to (Connie B.) by April 15th and include your e-mail address. We will then review the list of volunteers and the B.O.D. will decide who fits where. If there are more volunteers than there are positions, we will keep your names on a list so that you will be next in line if someone doesn't want to be a moderator any longer.

The job of Moderator is a very simple, yet important job. It doesn't take much time at all- just a visit here and there on your forum to make sure that the posts are not offensive and that members in that forum get the support they need. This is a big help to us.

Thank you!

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Hey there Connie.

The WelcomingForum is always so tame -- I've been itching to edit someone, or even delete a message, but I don't get the chance with so many NICE people doing the welcoming. I think the members of this forum are being supported quite well, and I kind of like my name in green print, so I will stay on as the Moderator of the Welcoming Forum -- that is if you all will have me.

David P

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Hey David,

Are you KIDDING?? You do a SPLENDED JOB on the Welcome board. We are HONORED TO KEEP you right where you at! :D And just in case you don't know this, WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND ALL YOU DO ON THIS BOARD, and OFF THIS BOARD! Feel the LOVE!!


Love & Hugs,

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Hey Ginny,

Here's the easy way to find out what your asking regarding being a MODERATOR.

At the Top of this/any Page you will see FAQ click on it.

Then go down the list and click on-User Level & Group

Then click on What is a Moderator.

This will give you a discription of what this job entails.

It's very easy, and we're always here to lend you a helping hand to get started.

Hope you'll join us in being a Moderator. WE NEED MORE to JOIN IN AS WELL.

Thank you Ginny for offering a helping hand. It's much appreciated.

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