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Becky G, has passed away

Connie B

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Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2004 5:38 pm Post subject:



I agree that it is disturbing how little progress has been made with all the money that has been spent. I know i have a strong bias, but I am really unwilling to agree with you about putting all the eggs in the prevention basket. I never smoked. I was 30 years old when I was diagnosed. Nobody would ever have considered me "high risk" for cancer, especially lung cancer. So my only hope is cancer research. I think the problems with cancer research are the ones brought up in the article--too much effort is focused on very small improvement; not much is being done looking at the big picture, and when someone has a new idea they have a really hard time getting funding to investigate it properly. Another thing discussed at great length in the article is the known fact that mice are not very good models for humans in testing cancer drugs. What works wonders in mice often has no effect on humans. The reverse is very likely also true, so it's likely that lots of drugs that might have been effective in humans have been discarded because drug companies and the FDA still hold mouse trials as an important step for approval.



30 year old non-smoker

Diagnosed January 24, 2003 Stage 3A NSCLC

Mediastinoscopy with complications--2/14/03

Chemo--Cisplatin and VP-16 2 cycles

Radiation--34 treatments, finished 5/5/03

Taxotere started 6/18/03

Radiation pneumonitis 7/19/03, CT shows no shrinkage of tumor

Started Iressa 7/29/03,ended 12/22/03

12/22/03--new tumors in left lung

1/22/04--started CMF chemo

2/16/04 PET scan--nothing lights up outside of right lung. Are left lung nodules benign or gone?

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She was right. I really hope we make progress soon. We should not be loosing people like Becky . Donna G

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I am so very sorry to read about Becky G. My heart aches for her family. My father was misdiagnosed for almost 1 year, because he had quit smoking 23 years earlier. They treated him for pneumonia for almost all that time and didn't see the tiny nodules on the xrays. Until a CT scan was ordered. They also were testing him the year before for bone cancer, because he had too much protein in his blood, never thinking to check anything else. He had something called MGUS, but not bone cancer. When will this stop? Something must be done.

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Guest bessb

I just cannot believe our Becky is gone, I am in total shock. So young, so beautiful, so much to live for. My heart goes out to Curtis and her beautiful little daughter. Sometimes I just don't understand and this is one of those times. May God help her family and may someone somewhere find a cure for this horrible disease. We have lost too many wonderful people to this monster. God help us all

Bess B

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This is why I can't get on this site. So many loved ones we have all come to know! They die.. and I cry my eyes out.. I can't handle this. I just know this is the out come that will be for My Darrell and I can't handle this.. I'm so sorry for all of you! Is God even listening to our prayers? Can someone answer this?? Why? Why do we all have to lose our loved ones to this damn disease!!! I can't handle this!! You can't tell me they don't know more!! Its just a damn money making scheme to them.. They don't care about our loved ones.. Or there would be a cure!! For all cancer!!



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