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New Book on Nutrition!


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I bought a new book over the weekend (you know me... :oops: )

It's a new publication called "SuperFoods RX -- Fourteen Foods That Will Change Your Life". I'ts written by Steven Pratt, M.D. and I read the entire book in two days. It has great information, written in simple to understand language and explains what the nutrients in each food do for maintaining/increasing our health. (He firmly believes -- as does my oncologist -- that our nutrients should be coming from healthy, whole foods, rather than relying on supplements to do it for us -- many supplements can't possibly duplicate all the combination of nutrients in individual fruits/veggies)

For those of us interested in nutrition, it's a must-read!


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A friend and fellow LC survivor e-mailed me a chart this morning with the 14 "SuperFoods" and their "sidekick" counterparts broken down into groups with the amount you should try to incorporate into your diet on a regular basis for optimum health and immune function.

If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of this chart, feel free to PM me with your e-mail address and I will e-mail it to you!

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For those of you who contacted me requesting the chart, I just wanted to make one clarification (which was thankfully pointed out to me).

The chart of SuperFoods is basically just a way of saying that these are the BEST foods in certain food groups and you should try to incorporate them in your diet as much as you can. This chart is not saying (for example) that you have to eat 5-7 servings of OATS in a day. It is actually saying that you want 5-7 servings of whole grains and OATS are the best of the group, with the "sidekick" foods listed next to it as "runners up" in the group.

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I have that book, too, and am almost finished with it. I LOVE it! I think it's a great resource for anyone.

I really enjoy the perspective of learning what we SHOULD eat, as opposed to more of what we SHOULDN'T, you know? It actually has helped me, since I started reading it, to eat better foods without feeling like I'm sacrificing. With one exception (pumpkin!), I really like all 14 of the foods, and to focus on eating them regularly is much easier than the usual "oh, I shouldn't have that" kind of focus! And for any of the superfoods you don't like, there are plenty of "next best" foods so you're sure to like some of them.

It really is amazing all the good things foods can do for our bodies.


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I saw an article about this book probably when the book came out several months ago, and was intrigued, but the other day I picked it up at the library and I am enthralled!

It's so interesting the way these different foods supply us with all this protection. I'm going to pick blueberries at a berry farm next month--they've been growing them for years and years--and I am going to pick enough to have a half cup every day for the next year!!!!! Should be economical too.

I like everything on the list too--was thinking about restricting my diet to just those foods and their sidekicks for the next couple of months and see what happens--I'd like to lose weight and maybe that would help.

PS.--I'm still not doing the total vegan thing, but I'm getting a lot closer gradually. Don't know if I'll every really get there--and then there's the issue with junk food--candy, etc.....lots to work on, but I sure do like this book!!!!

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I went ahead and bought the Superfoods book and I JUST LOVE IT! What other good sources do you have? It seems I remember something about baking using rice syrup as the sweetener? Any recipes or a source for them?

Thanks bunches!

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Glad you like the book -- I've passed it along to my mom and she is loving it too!

I have LOTS of recipes using brown rice syrup, and my main source for those recipes comes from Christina Pirillo's cookbooks. Her latest book is "Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Whole Foods, But Were Afraid To Ask!" :lol:

She also has printable recipes on her website (www.christinacooks.com)

I have also ordered "flavored" brown rice syrups from a company called "Suzanne's Specialties". My favorite is the Maple flavored -- I use it in place of regular maple syrup on pancakes. Mmmmm-mmmm!

Bon Apitit! :wink:

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