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Information on blood transfusions?

Guest Deanna

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Guest Deanna

Hello, everyone. Today, my dad went into the hospital to receive blood transfusions. For those of you that have had them, did they help and did you have any adverse side effects from them. Also, how many have you had to have?

Thanks Alot,

Deanna :roll:

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Not to sound like Vampira but they are my favorite treatment!! I ALWAYS feel better after one and have 100% more energy!! I have had 4 so far (and a bag of plateletts for good measure) and each time I have felt better for at least a couple of weeks. I have not had any side effects that I know of and usually just sleep or read while I am getting the transfusion.

Have they looked at Procrit or Neupogen to try and keep the red counts up? I am on Neupogen now (shot every morning) and it seems to be helping somewhat. Counts have fallen but not like the first round of chemo!

Prayers and best wishes headed your Fathers way.

God Bless,


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I have had two transfussions because my red and platelet counts were dow. I also had pneumonia. It helped me to bounce back and get well quicker and be able to have my last chemo treatment. I had been on the Procrit, but the pneumonia was kicking my bu**. I bounced back within a few weeks...

Blessings and prayers,


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I had two double bags of red cells prior to starting treatment to counter severe anemia. I felt so lousy, that although I'm sure the transfusions helped me feel less miserable, it wasn't the tonic for me it was for others.

Still, brought my counts up to almost normal range, so I could breathe....

Transfusions can be very very good things,



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