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I found a venue!


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I got the venue! I got the venue! I go on Wed at 7:30am to pay. It is Laguna Niguel Park go to www.ocparks.com and search for Laguna Niguel. It is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! The walk is Sunday Nov 7, same weekend as the other walk :)

The large picnic shelter holds 250 people. The ranger is making an excpetion and allowing low level ampliphying sound. The other location which sat 400 was soooooo hilly, I could barely walk to the area!! :)

This has ample parking and close bathrooms and the park is great. I have one concern--INSURANCE. I didn't want to call around today b/c I am nervous for my husband's colonoscopy tomorrow and my mom's radiation oncologist consult tomorrow, so I will call Wed.

If the difference in insurance between like a picnic and a walk is over $1000, I will just make it a Lung Cancer Rally or picnic or something. I am going to have a bounce house for kids to attract people and food so it will accomodate those who just want to get together adn those who want to walk. The only advantage of the walk is a walk could get more publicity.

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As far as insurance. I needed insurance for the venue for Perot back in the 90's. What I did was call my insurance and they added a binder to my home owner's that would cover what I needed. It was not that expensive and all I had to do was call them and give them all the pertinent information and they would send the binder to me and I would provide it to the people where the venue was being held. We had venues at schools, parks and anyplace else public... It worked very well. Hope this helps.


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