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CT Results


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I'm a little late getting your post but I will still be holding you two up in prayer. He is so young and I'm very sorry you even have to be on this board. God's blessings on you.


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Of course prayers.

Sweats and chills -- I had them before diagnosis, thru chemo, and I think I still got them but less after surgery. I thought not a lot about it.

Don't let it creep you out.

Do tell the doctor about the numbness, something is pressing on the nerve somewhere.



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carleen & keith,

you are both in my prayers. i pray that you both find comfort and understanding throughout this difficult time.

i don't really have any info regarding the symptoms keith is experiencing, except that my mother had dull pain in her right arm on and off for many years before she was diagnosed with nsclc late last year. i have found that sore limbs, especially in the arms, are a symptom of the disease, but it doesn't indicate what stage or progression of the disease.

sending only good thoughts your way. take care.

God bless,


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Thank you all for the prayers and support.

Sorry I haven't replied to my post with the CT scan results sooner. With my new job I don't have computer access as much anymore. I really miss being about to read the boards every day and be in touch with my LC Family.

Keith Scan results did show progression of his cancer. However, I refuse to take it as a completely negative results session.

The CT scan showed that Keith's main tumor site has increased. He has a tumor in him Mediastanum (sp?) that grew from 2.7 cm to 3.3 cm. However, the rest of his tumors appeared to have remained relatively similar in size. The scan did also show that there are two very small spots on his liver. However, they are the same spots that were there before his biopsy. The one spot the surgeon couldn't see with his naked eye, and the other he said was a cyst. The oncologist said that we can't rule them out as cancer since they are there, but he isn't too concerned as they are really small, we will just keep watching them.

The oncologist is concerned about the main tumor however because he says it is positioned as such that if it grows further it can restrict the airway to the lung and cause his lung to collapse. Or, if it grows toward the other side it can put pressure on his heart or arteries.

So, starting next Tuesday Keith is going to start three weeks of radiation on his chest.

Keith doctor also called the oncologist in New Orleans that we were trying to schedule treatment with for the Indium 111 trial. Together, they decided that it was more important to stabilize the growing mediastanum tumor before coming down, so we are going to do the radiation. Then after that do two rounds of chemo (apparantly they finally got the streptozoticine in). After that we will scan Keith and determine whether he will do more chemo at the same time as the Indium trial or just do the trial alone. Either way, Keith has been accepted into the trial, and we are set to go. It is just a matter of when and with what conjunctive treatment.

I really appreciate the prayers and good wishes my friends and family have been sending me here. I know that this is the reason that the results were not worse. The could have come out saying all over progression. Instead we have one area to worry about and one area to focus our treatment on. That is something we can deal with, and we are going to radiate that bugger out of there and zap it to cancer death.

Thank you all, and I continue to keep each of you in my prayers, even if I am no longer able to be here every day with you.



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zap it to cancer death

What an attitude! I'm so glad you have plans in place to deal with the latest results.

We miss you, but know that your REAL life takes precedence now...there is only so much of you to go around, and Keith and daily survival must come first. Keep us posted when it is convenient and you have energy to spare. Prayers always.

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Dear Carleen,

Your attitude sounds so positive. I am sure you got that impression from the doctor.

Ask the dr. about Keith taking Carafat before and after each radiation. I really believe it kept Earl from having any burning or swallowing difficulty and he had 33 treatments.

Keep us posted. We miss you.



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Carleen. I am so relieved to hear from you. It sounds like you have the right attitude. Keep on with that and know that you have a lot of support here. Spend your time with that man of yours and take the best care of both of you that you can. My prayers will contiue to be with you. Lillian

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Carleen, thank you for posting...and I'm so glad to hear you have such a great attitude! It sounds like Keith has some wonderful doctors that are really taking good care of him and go to bat for him.

I'll be praying for you and hoping Keith gets better and that this trial works for him.

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