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1000th member-Danni-Welcome

Cindy RN

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Hi Danny/Cindy,

Danny, Welcome! sorry you have to be here, but you will find so much support here, caring people and a wealth of information... Please come her often and keep us posted on how things are doing.

Cindy, Not to sound stupid, but where do we look for new members. Maybe I'm just not seeing where to look. Thanks for your help... How you are doing. Prayers are always with you...



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Welcome to the family Danni! I am sorry you have a need to be here but glad that you found us! This is THE place to come for support, compassion and understanding! Please jump in and ask any questions you may have or offer any answers you may have!

God Bless you,


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Hello and Thanks for the Welcome!

I realize I am new to all of you, but I have been reading/using this site regularly since the end of Feb 2003, a month after I lost my stepfather.

I can't express how much all of you have helped me, yet I never signed on as a regular user - and I don't know why I did today, except that the recent losses on this site somehow persuaded me to log on and see if I could somehow add my support. After all, I have gotten so much from all of you I thought maybe I could give something back.

I have tried to make a difference where I can, and am working toward a career in cancer research myself.

I can't express how much the courage on the site has inspired and taught me in the last year.

Thank you all,


ps: A special hello to bluebayou - we're from the same hometown!

(and it's finally getting warmer!) 8)

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Guest bessb

Wow I wish we had a bunch of balloons to give you. Congrats on being our 1,000th member. Cindy great catch on your part Wish none of us had to be here but SOOO Glad this site is here

Bess B

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Welcome! It's nice that you decided to join us. Thank goodness you don't have this disease. Sorry to hear about your stepfather. It's nice to have the 1000th member be healthy. Hope you continue with research and find the cure for this disease...

Blessings and prayers,

Karen in So. California

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