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Vocal Cord paralysis and the Montgomery Procedure


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Has anyone here ever had or heard of the Montgomery Procedure? Fred has had no voice since Aug of last year, we were orginally told with Chemo and Radiation it would come back, it has gotten a little deeper but not much and it is so frustrating for him, the Doctors figured the nerve for the vocal cord was compressed so long, it is damaged.

He is scheduled to go into the Hospital April 12th and it will only be a one night stay. They put this little prostetic piece of silicone on the flap of the vocal cord to keep it closed so he will be able to speek. They go in through the side of the neck it sounds very promising, the Dr. has said it is a better procedure than the teflon, and tells us the results will be immediate. As you might imagine he is so excited about this, not sure why they waited this long to even inform us about it. ( I cannot imagine not being able to speak for 7 months myself I am a chatterbox). :oops:

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Rosymac, my husband had this done and it help him quite a bit. They had removed his vocal cord during his lung surgery and his voice had become breathy and it was difficult to talk and cough. He would just run out of air too quickly.

The surgery worked very well for him and his voice was much better. Good luck to you and Fred.

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