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Guest Guess Who

A man went to town to purchase some lifestock, when he made it to the store he said -- I would like to buy a rabbit and the store owner replied

We dont call them rabbits here we call them peters so the man Said --Ok , I'll take it. Then the guy Said I would like to purchase a donkey

and the Store Owner said We call them *ss's here, we have one here but every so often you have to scratch him behind his ears to make him start walking again and the man said -- Ok I'll take it.. Finally the man said I would like to purchase a chicken and the store owner abruptly told him that we call them pullets around these parts and the man agreed that he would purchase all three.

The man gathered up his live stock began down the road ,when suddenly, just as the store owner had warned him, the donkey needed to be scratched to continue walking. The man had his arms full with all his other livestock and when the very 1st person came by he said-- Excuse me sir, could you hold my peter and pullet while I scratch my *ss.

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