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I spoke with Bob's wife tonight. Bob is home, sleeping a lot and resting. He has not been on the site and that is probably a good thing because I know he will be upset over Judy b and Becky. She said she was not going to tell him.

She said he had a PET scan scheduled and was unable to do it as he can't be vertical for long. They are going to try again with him on the pain meds. I think she said it was scheduled for Monday.

Bob is sad and having a hard time, he needs your prayers and his buddies. David A, I told her I was giving you their number so she should expect a heavy breather. :wink: Call him and cheer him up. I will PM his number.


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Bob get well, and make it soon

if you feel icky, and start to swoon

rest yourself, put up your feet

consider it a well earned treat

take your meds, and drink plenty of fluids

to not take care would just be stupid

i hope you like the poem I wrote

now I have to go feed my goat

i know my last line there made absolutely no sense

but lately my mind is so overly dense.

please get well bob we need you

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Sorry that you are going through this bumpy road right now. WE need you to get well and get back on line with us. We miss you in chat. Your helpfulness, knowledge and all that you contribute is missed. You have offered so much to so many people here. It's not the same with you not posting. Please hurry and get well. Keep a positive attitude and the faith. All things are possible through Christ, you are healed and we claim that healing for you...

You are a tough trooper. Anyone who can go through the rain forests in Costa Rica is tough and can conquer this little blip. You need to get well so you can go fishing and get back to enjoying life again. We're here for you. As always, you and your family are in my prayers...

Blessings for you,

Karen in So. California

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We of the TBone Clan join all the others in wishing you the best. We've been worried 'bout you and miss your presence here on the board. And while it's not Costa Rica, we've got some good fishin' down at ViVi's pond in Georgia, so get better so you can come see us down here. TBone could use the company, and the rest of us need someone to keep him honest regarding the size of "the one that got away." :lol::lol:

Love and Blessings,


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