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please help me


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This is about the So Cal Walk

I received a joint phone call from my parents and my inlaws voicing their concerns and I am going to be honest about what they said and see if anyone wants to be on a committe or what you think or ideas, etc.

The concerns are as follows:

1. I have no fundraising experience

2. I work full time as an attorney and my time is limited.

3. I get stressed easy.

4. Because I want to do this to raise money for and on behalf of LCSC, I have to take out my own insurance and hence risk all liability personally; rather than having a larger organization with insurance such as American Cancer Society or ALCASE behind.

They are concerned that without a committe of people to help with flyers, obtain raffle prizes, getting food, getting sponsors, making into a successful event, etc, that I cannot possibly do it alone and can't do it withut a team.

Apparently my husband's colitis attack was most likely prompted by stress, which equates to me and my obsession with this disease.

My parenets and inlaw suggest that I fundraise or do something in a different way, OR get a committee behind me so this is all not on my shoulders b/c they don't think I can handle it all alone.

I am in tears right now. I really don't know what to do. I was sooooooo excited about finding a venue, making contacts, I want to fundraise. In a way I see their point about the risk, if I takeout insurance myself for the event and anyone gets hurt, it is my butt.

Can someone please help me or give me suggestions? I got into a big fight with my parents about this b/c I was so upset that they are bringing this up now and they were upset I would not listen to their concerns, and then they made Brian get on the phone and Brian said I cannot do this alone, I can do it with others.

Brian's mom was in charge of f undraising for Children's Hospital a few years ago and is now President of the Temple Sisterhood and she says I have no idea how much work is involved in sometjing like this and how it just cannot be done by me, especially b/c I work 50-60 hours a week.

What is a solution? HELP. I mean yeah I can get raffles going and all of that to raise money, but that is not enough :(

Then I was thinking not a walk, maybe just a luncheon type of thing to raise funds where liability is less and I can have raffles and it is not as big of an ordeal??????

Oy :( Please don't hate me that my parents voiced their opinion

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Don't stress over this. I appreciate the fact that you want to help. I must purchase professional insurance so that I can practice privately, outside of my agency. It is fairly inexpensive, but I do not know what insurance would cost for a non-profit organization. I do know that the agency I work for has 501c status and is exempt from being taxed as a buisness. Unfortunately, I am not adept at coorprate or buisness law. I would imagne that Katy and Rick are set up as a non-profit buisness or group and have insurance already. Could you not do something under the LCS board. I raise money all the time for my program under our agency's name. P.S. you are a very busy women. I would not recommend doing it alone. Invite othe survivors to help, and consult with someone who can answer your legal concerns. Your parents and in-laws have good intentions and are worried about you taking on too much. Don't stress about it though, just do what you can. We appreciate anyones efforts to help the cause on what ever level. Good luck!


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Thank you Cheryl. And thank you Karen and Snowflake for making me feel better.

The issue is not the cost of the insurance, I can out of pocket whatever I need to, the issue is the liability behind it b/c you can still easily get sued with insurance and I would be the one they sue if it is in my name :) Sometimes it is bad to come from a family that worked for insurance companies, it makes you afraid to do things.

And I guess everyone is right, I can't do it alone without firm help.

If it does not happen this year, I will contact local cancer groups, make connections, and still do fundraising on a smaller scale.

I so badly wanted to make a difference.

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Dear Andrea,

Please don't stress about this! You need to keep yourself healthy for you, your husband, and your beloved mom. In my opinion, any fundraising you do helps! Sometimes we just have to start with baby steps.

Last year I did my first annual, "Hike the Hills for Lung Cancer Awareness"...I solicited friends and family to raise over $1,300 for lung cancer research. I recruited a couple friends and we made tshirts. This year I plan to expand and raise even more money...who knows in 10 years maybe it will be a big deal.

Even if you raise $20 you are making a difference. My taking care of yourself and your mom is making a difference.

Everyone appreciates your efforts. I just don't want you to cause any undue stress.

Remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day". :lol:

Take care my friend,


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I know the frustration that you feel. I, too, was "gung-ho" about doing something local to raise money for this site............my Mom is not a lawyer, but worked for a lawyer for years........she hit me with ALL of the same things. "What if someone gets hurt?? You will be responsible." "Angie, you are biting off more than you can chew!!" "Why don't you do the Relay for Life?" Well, I can do the Relay for Life, but that money is not going directly to our site here. I want to think of something to do where I get to choose how the money is allocated. I want it to go here, on our site. I want this site to be here for a long, long time. It has helped so many and will continue to do so. One thing I am considering is getting a few family members to help me cook. I will then have a dinner at my church........charge maybe $5.00-$6.00 per person. I would of course let everyone know what the money is going for. I would probably prepare a very short speech about lung cancer and this site. Now, granted, this is not going to make millions...........realistically, I could probably raise $1000.00. That doesn't sound like very much to me, but ya' gotta start somewhere. Like Andrea B. said, "Rome wasn't built in a day!"

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How about contacting ALCASE and the ACS and finding volunteers that way. Also this board may provide volunteers in your area.

Aren't there "good samaritan" type laws that protect someone. It is a sad state we live in if you have to be afraid of getting sued when helping others

What about the people voiceing concerns, why can't they help a little bit.

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Hi Andrea,

I have an excellent idea. I have to check and see if it can happen at the tea we have each year at a country club here in Corona. It may be doable. We have a tea/luncheon every year and it is held at a very nice country club here in Corona. This tea is usually held in May, but it can be any month as long as we reserve the banquet room in advance. There is usually about 250-300 in attendance. We have a nice luncheon, raffle, and designer clothing sale. It lasts 3-4 hours. It is held on a Saturday and in a beautiful country Club setting. I do have contacts for this Country club and can make it happen. All insurance is paid and you and I or ??? are not liable, no worries on that part. There is more, but give me a call. You have my number...

I am really good at organizing teams, fundraising, and etc.. I really want to help you with this. As you know this is so important for all of us. You will be our founder for this event and we can do nothing but grow each year. All funds raised can donated and dedicated to strenghtening this website and making us bigger than ever...



Karen in Corona, CA

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Good samaritan laws do not apply. I wish they did. This world is so litigious it is crazy.

As for the people voicing concerns---my parents. They would do what they can, but right now my mom is still undergoing treatment and it is a huge day and accomplishment if she can go to the store or go get her haircut. My dad is her caretaker.

My inlaws--my mother in law is Sisterhood Temple President; she is on the board of Children';s Hospital, and she works part time as a travel agent. She would do all she can, but she cannot do enough, nor would I ask her. She needs to take care of herself. She has Chron's and is a cancer survivor, complete with an oscetomy puch and all. She is sooo worried about me doing this alone that she told my mom she would give me $1000 if I didn't. (Of course I am not taking the money, but it showed how strongly she felt)

My husband--of course he will help.

I had a discussion with a lot of my friends last night and bottom line is that I can organize and head up a walk. However, I cannot do it alone and without having people I can delegate tasks to. So Cal is a large area, it is a great venue for an event. But as much as I would likeit to be, I now realize from listening to thse who love me that tt cannot be the "Andrea" walk to benefit LCSC. It has to be either an organization fully behind me with help. Or I have to take smaller steps and volunteer to do other work to learn more. I have to worry about myself :) I was up all night about this.

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I can't imagine anyone being angry or disappointed in you for your VOLUNTEER efforts on our behalf. Every worthwhile journey has a few detours along the way. So this one has a little side trip at the starting point. Please don't become discouraged. Start small and with each success move your way up. I wish I lived nearer, and that I could count on being well enough to commit to helping you in a significant way. I can help...but I'm limited.

At any rate, thank you, Andrea, for caring enough to try to do something positive.

Fay A.

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Sounds good. I am here for you. You are in charge. I am just going to help you get this organized and get the ball rolling. By golly, I think we have a plan. Yahoooo!!! I am so there....

Have a great Day! Look forward to hearing from you.. :D



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Please do not feel guilty about the reality check that has cleared your mental/emotional bank. Truly, you cannot do something in so grand of a scale alone - heck, even Martha Stewart has a STAFF (far be it from her to admit that on camera, though...go figure)!

Networking is the answer...get out there, meet people who have hours of experience in the field, research and put it all to good use! I'm sure we will hear a lot from you in the years to come, just start out with baby steps and THEN the Boston Marathon! Don't expect to run the full 26 miles without training first!

You are doing a lot, a new bride, cancer survivor's daughter and daughter-in-law, a demanding job....give what you CAN, not what you don't have. No one wants you to give your health, no one expects you to sacrifice THAT MUCH. Please understand that and push the guilt out the window.

Take care of you and yours, and remember to look BEHIND that curtain to see what is going on behind the "ease" you see... The Great Oz was just a man behind a curtain....and those smooth sailing ducks are paddling like hell under the surface...


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I was sooooo upset last night b/c I did not want to let anyone down, I care so much for people here. My husband commented that I am getting too emotionally attached b/c I cry each time I read bad news. I said no, not getting attached, already AM! :)

I posted a smaller idea under LC Activism which is really a feasible realistic idea to start out with. Let meknow what you think.

And in a year or so when we become bigger, then I can organize the huge walk/rally I have envisioned. I was even contemplating a petting zoo for kids :)

I get a lot of enjoyment trying to think of ideas how to raise money and create awareness. I now realize I have to keep the "grand" ideas on teh back burner and first start with the smaller ones to network, get exposure, etc.

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