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high ALT/AST, liver disease? SAMe?


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Hi, my dear friends,

I would like to know if any of you have had this problem. My dad had the upper and middle right lung removed last June, started Iressa last Sept. and has been doing great. He's been taking a lot of supplements too such as protein powder, flaxseed oil, multi vitamins, etc. Recently, his blood test came back with high ALT and AST. We are not sure if it's caused by Iressa or something else. (BTW, He doesn't drink nor smoke). So he stopped taking those supplements and both ALT/AST went down a little bit but are still beyond the normal range. I read from some articles that SAMe helps with liver disease. Have any of you tried that? Does it work? And who is not supposed to take it?

Thank you for any information!


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I am not a Dr, but I wonder if he is getting too much protien

too much protein can be detrimental to your health! Excessive consumption can place a strain on the liver and the kidneys which can cause dehydration.

SAMe and also Milk thistle are supposed to help liver function

Dr Weil mentions Milk thistle as something that works and is very safe.

Make sure you double check everything you read.

Take care

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A high ALT/AST can be reduced by juicing which should be dandellions, beets & carrots. Also good for the liver is Milk Thistle extract. I also use Liver-Enhancer that is an excellent product for the liver (www.herbsaway.com). It can be purchased at most health food stores including vitamin shoppe. This product contains shitake & mitake mushroom and 9 other ingredients. Of course, a diet low in saturated fats is crucial. Coffee Enemas would also help (do a search for instructions). The coffee must be organic.

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I think the Iressa can cause the elevated liver enzymes

Asymptomatic increases in liver transaminases have been observed in gefitinib-treated patients; therefore, periodic liver function testing (transaminases, bilirubin, and alkaline phosphatase) should be considered. Discontinuation of gefitinib should be considered if changes are severe.


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Just want to let you know that the only experience i have with liver problems is that my dog has had liver cancer. To support the liver, my vet has suggested Sam-E, milk thistle and vitamin E.

Hope this helps!

Gail P-M

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