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Here is an idea on a smaller scale for all of us.......


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My mother in law suggested this. She has lots of ideas she said, we just have not talked yest, she was talking to Brian, but this was passed along..........She is so worried about me and the walk, she is now coming up with other thngs.....She has fundraised for years. I will get more ideas from her if you';d like.

If all of us (meaning whomever wants to) compiles a list of addresses and we put it together, we can do a mailer across the US with a flyer, maybe something with our pictures on it so people we know can recognize each of us, like that website page someoe deisgned awhile back. and ask people to send in money. We can do something cute like "If you live in an apt, please send $5", "If you live in a house, please send $10", etc.

We can also say that each person who sends in money will automatically be eligible for a prize drawing. I have from my wedding a beautiful Mikasa vase that I would be willing to give away as a prize (i received so many vases and it does not match my colors) and a red 3 piece luggage set and a good brand new in the box blender.

Just a thought.

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It could be a "Non-Event".... something along the lines of "The Couch Potatoes Ball".

Point out all the wonderful things to be garnererd by participating: No dressing up, no wear and tear or even normal usage on the vehicle. Don't have to get a sitter. Won't have allergic reactions to the foods. The list goes on....

And I'm not joking...

Fay A.

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Yeah Fay, I like your thinking. On the way into work, I equated in my head to selling girl scout cookies.

I wonder if Katie and Rick would think this is a good idea---a "pamphlet" on awareness which talks about awareness issues, blah blah, can be prepared. In that small package (I am talking just like a few pieces of paper on early detection and that kind of stuff for awareness), the front page has a picture of everyone who wants to participate in the fundraiser with the saying "what do we all have in common". I am talking along the lines of that WONDERFUL design idea someone posted and I cannot remember who it was gosh darn it.

Those interested mail them out and hand them out to as many people as they can. It can also be something that is left out in the workplace like when kids sell cookies.

We can say something like a minimum donation of $10 enters you into a drawing. Hopefully those who can will give more.

I already have some prizes. If this idea is OKd I would also work really hard to see if maybe I can secure a "grand prize", like a weekend somewhere or we could even make the grandprize a $200 gift certificatre to Macys or something like that.

It is an EASY way to spread awareness while raising funds for this amazing website.

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Thank you, that was the exact link I was talking about. We could make a flyer with that as our opener and make sure that each person who wants to participate has their picture on there so it tugs on the hearts of people who know them to open their wallets even more :)

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Hi Sandy,

I would like to use it for the Run for Life relay here in June. If you could send it to me, I would love to have T-shirts made up for my team and also for flyers to pass out. We are doing flyers in the bright hot yellow, green and pastel colors. We are posting them in the hospitals, oncs, GP's and different doctor's offices. This would be awesome to add and post in their offices. Gives everyone a visual of who has and can get this disease. It really would get a lot of peoples attention to know we are all just normal human beings...


God Bless and prayers,

Karen in So. California

I did send you a PM too...

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I could also use this for the 3rd Annual Lung Cancer Memorial Golf Outing, July 16, 2004. The proceeds from this outing will benefit Lung Cancer Research, under the direction of Joan Schiller MD, at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer.

Also, anyone who may be interested in playing, or working as a volunteer, please email me at dgrant@merr.com

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I TOTALLY want to use it!!!

I'm up in the air as to whether I want to just have it printed out like a flyer to hand out, or whether I want to somehow have it blown up on to a big posterboard and have it mounted on an easel at my event.

Either way, it is too touching, NOT to use!!!! Let me know what I need to do to get it in a printable form. Thanks!

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