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Interesting comment from the radiation oncologist


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We saw the radiation oncologist yest. The medical oncologist did a bunch of testing on the tumor like DNA Palidoy and Proliferative analysis, which I do not know yet what it means, I find out April 7 when we see him, but I did see it said "outcome unfavorable". I asked radiation oncologist if that is significant to us. He said no, it just means it was a nasty tumor.

Anyway, he was REALLY great, we loved him. He indicated that the medical oncologist was the capitan and he defers to him which is nice to have doctors working together. We asked him, what are my mom's chances considering where she is at now.

His answer was honest and I found it interesting. He said well IIIA as I am sure you know has bad odds, but those statistics were done at a time when they did not take a 3 prong approach and do chemo, surgery, then radiation. And at a time without the new promising clinical trials and Iressa. So basically he said my mom and others like her will be the new statistics, they are guinea pigs and only time will tell. Since these treatments are so new, it cannot be compared to 5 years ago.

I found his viewpoint interesting. I said a guinea pig is fine, I find pigs cute and I love Ms. Piggy :) My mom is pretty like Ms. Piggy!

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You are too funny! I think that we will see great changes in the statistics and more survivors!

On another note...I'm glad your family did an intervention. I'm worried about you!!! You crazy girl! :shock: I was wondering how you were going to take on such a big project by yourself! I admire you for everything you are trying to do, but you haven't had one moment to take care of yourself! You've been going and going and going like the Energizer bunny.

I wish I had more in me but I'm starting very small and I hope you all don't think it's stupid, but I started making lung cancer bracelets. They are clear (for the invisible cancer) with a silver cancer awareness charm. I'm trying to have them done in time for Katie and Rick's fundraiser in Texas, but not sure if I'm going to be able to, so I may ask Katie and Rick if I can sell them online here.

I'm also printing out flyers regarding this website and posting it at oncologists offices and cancer offices around town. If any of you want me to email you the flyers and business cards I put together so you can print them out, let me know. I already had Katie, Connie and crew look at it and give me the ok.

Eventually I'd like to become more active, but I've got to do it little by little or I will stress myself out.

Andrea, it's okay if you have to take a step back. You have such great intentions and such a drive...but you really have to make sure you take care of yourself...we don't want you getting yourself sick!

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Was it Aneuploidy testing? There are a lot of proteins that are looked at that indicate it is a nasty tumor. Some are p53, Ras, Rb.

There is a P53 vaccine that is being tested and other vaccines that target some of the protiens (genes)

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Yes, that was the name of one of them! Aneoploid :)

To be honest, I was banned from looking up what the tests meant by my husband b/c I can go overboard, so he looked and told me it really is just a test for what the tumor is made up of and how best to keep maintaining and treatments, etc.

There have been threats of a "parental" lock on cancer websites if I don't behave :)

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Andrea....Thanks so much for sharing. Your mom's cancer radiologist really made my day!! His arguments against today's one-sided cancer statistics were music to my ears. His ideas are certainly empowering for today's cancer patients like me and so many others on this board. It sounds as though your mother is in good hands.

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Guest Karen C

Andrea, I like that radiation oncologist. Great attitude. You gals are lucky to have him on your side.

I'm not surprised to hear how much you are pushing yourself. You're a lawyer, right? I've been a legal secretary for 20 years. This is typical behavior if you ask me! I think you're just fine. Just don't add a kid to the mix any time soon, ha!

Take care,

Karen C. (Dave C's wife)

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Dear Andrea,

I too am IIIA and was delighted to hear about your radiologist's views on survival. We are in a new world, cancer speaking, right now. New drugs and new trial every day. Take care of yourself so that you can take care of your mom. Slow down a little.....but peek over your husband's shoulder a little while he is looking all of this up for you. :lol:


aka Nushka

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Guest Phyllis

It is nice when docs don't believe that the statistics are the gospel. I am sooo tired of them looking at me and making me feel like I am just doomed from the get go. I especially think that oncologist need to be more open minded about patient's making informed choices in their treatment, and not block their efforts to alternative treatments, but work with alternative treatment options.

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